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Indian Student Faces 14 Years Jail Time for Self-Defense: Justice in Canada?

In the early hours of January 5th, a dramatic and controversial incident unfolded at a Circle K convenience store on…

Canada Budget 2024: Impact on Immigration Policies

Find out how the Budget 2024 Canada will impact Canadian immigration and federal spending. Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland has…

Indian Student Chirag Antil Fatally Shot in Vancouver: Police Confirm No Criminal Record

Vancouver Police investigate Indian student, Chirag Antil, shot dead in Canada. No criminal record found, updating family in India as…

Reevaluating Canada’s Immigration Policy: A Push Towards Citizenship

Conservative Immigration Critic, Tom Kmiec, highlights concerns on Temporary Residents Canada at Canada Strong and Free Network conference in Ottawa.

Rise in Undocumented Indian Migrants to US via Canada

Undocumented Indian migrants increasingly choosing US-Canada border for illegal immigration, numbers on the rise in recent years.

2024 Canada Rental Cost Surge: What You Need to Know!

Housing affordability measures in Canada address rising rental costs. Prime Minister Trudeau announces $15 billion for construction and a proposed…

Quebec Immigration Debate: Employers Concerned About Job Market Impact

Quebec employers fear political Quebec Immigration Debate could harm jobs as Legault threatens Referendum, neglecting Quebec Labour Market reality.

Indian Consulate Demands Justice After Student Chirag Antil Shot in Vancouver

Indian Consulate in Vancouver seeks information after Indian citizen Chirag Antil's fatal shooting in South Vancouver on Friday night.