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Updating I-94 with New Passport Information on F1-OPT Status

To update your I-94 after renewing your passport on F1-OPT, follow the step-by-step process outlined by the U.S. Customs and…

Lost OPT Card: Steps to Replace It and Maintain Legal Status

Lost your OPT card? Don't panic. Avoid illegal status by applying for an OPT replacement. Know the process to regain…

OPT Tax Filing Mistakes: Impact on H-1B Process – What You Need to Know!

Failure to file taxes during OPT could affect H-1B application. Ensure tax compliance to avoid complications in the immigration process.

OPT Validity After H1B Approval: What You Need to Know

After H1B approval, OPT status remains valid until the H1B effective start date, typically October 1. A cap-gap extension bridges…

OPT Passport Renewal: Do You Need to Notify USCIS?

When on OPT, OPT Reporting Requirements mandate notifying USCIS on passport renewal to ensure compliance with visa regulations.

OPT Employment Rules: Can You Be a Paid Research Assistant on OPT?

Wondering about Paid Research OPT Employment Rules? Find out if you can work as a Paid Research OPT Assistant while…

F1 Visa Work Rules: Can Students Help with Family Business?

Learn how F1 visa rules allow limited involvement in a family business, offering opportunities for student visa holders to assist…

SCAM ALERT: USCIS Denies Visas Linked to APEX IT Systems Delaware Fraud

APEX IT Systems Delaware under Fraud Indian Consultancy scrutiny; USCIS crackdown on F-1 STEM OPT Extensions and H-1B Visas due…