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If you face an H1B layoff and lack return trip reimbursement, explore legal recourse for potential solutions and support.

Filing N-600 Application During Removal Proceedings in the USA

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H1B Renewal: PERM Timing and I-140 Considerations

Navigating U.S. immigration involves mastering H1B renewals, PERM process, and I-140 petitions for work visa maintenance or residency. Extensions beyond…

Consequences of Marrying an Illegal Immigrant

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H1B Extension Denied by Employer: What Are Your Options?

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Medical Bill Help for International Students: Navigating Healthcare Costs

International student aid includes medical bill help to reduce student healthcare costs, offering essential financial support during health emergencies.

Options for Applying Citizenship After a Visa Overstay

Learn about immigration options for Visa Overstay and applying for Citizenship. Understand the process and requirements for a successful application.

F2B Petitioner Death: Is Green Card Eligibility Still Possible?

If an F2B Petitioner dies, Green Card eligibility may still be possible by seeking humanitarian reinstatement under certain circumstances.