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Indian Professionals in Massive Green Card Backlog Crisis

Over 1.2 million Indian professionals are stuck in the green card backlog, facing lengthy waits due to US immigration system…

Circumstances Leading to Green Card Revocation in the US

Learn about Green Card revocation, circumstances where the US can revoke an approved application and its impact on immigration status.

Green Card Renewal Guide: Addresses and Timelines

Find answers to your Green Card Renewal application FAQs, including processing times. Visit USCIS website or mail to USCIS address.

Green Card Interview Guide: Process, Questions, & Preparation

Green Card interview verifies eligibility for permanent residency and occurs 7-15 months after application. Interview location based on the applicant's…

Day 1 CPT Impact on Green Card Applications

Day 1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) allows international students in the U.S. to work in their field of study from…

Changing Lawyers During the I-140 Application Process: Is It Possible?

Switching lawyers during the I-140 application process is feasible with careful planning. Reasons might include dissatisfaction or needing better expertise.…

Applying for U.S. Citizenship After 3 Years as a Green Card Holder

Green Card holders can apply for U.S. citizenship after 3 years if married to a U.S. citizen, meeting specific criteria…

NC Company Faces Fine For Asking A Green Card During Hiring

NC Company fined $30,000 for Green Card Discrimination in hiring process, settles with DOJ for wrongful practices regarding worker's status…